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September 17, 2006 NEW
Mateusz brings a picture he
'd drawn at school. Dad asks:
- What did the teacher tell you to draw?
Mateusz says:
- An animal.
Dad looks at the picture and sees a round shaped animal of some sort, and another L-shaped "thing". Then he asks:
- What is it?
Mateusz explains:
- A pig on a treadmill.

to draw - rysować
treadmill - deptak miechaniczny, bieżnia mechaniczna

November 7, 2005
Dad and Jonasz just finished playing chess. Jonasz won. Mateusz runs to his Mom and says:
- Mom, guess what! Jonasz beat Dad in chest!

November 6, 2005
Mateusz is finishing his bubble bath. He's all covered in foam, his face looks like that of Santa Claus.
Dad: - Looks like you had some fun with the bubbles.
Mateusz: - Yes (laughing), I did.
Dad: - You look like Santa Claus. Do you have any gift for me?
Mateusz: - No, I was mostly snowball fighting.
Dad: - With who?
Mateusz: - With myself.

October 3, 2005
Excerpt from a questionnaire that Jonasz was asked to fill out:
Question: Name three things that cause you to be fearful or concerned.
Jonasz's answer: 1. China taking over the world. 2. Not passing a test in school. 3. Ball hitting me in the face
excerpt - fragment (szczególnie pisany)
- kwestionariusz
to fill out - wypełnić (np. formularz)
to take over - zawładnąć, przejąć kontrolę nad

May 14, 2005
After a long day of adventures (visit in the park, hiking, eating out), it's time to go to bed, but Jonasz and Mateusz keep talking to each other. Raquel steps in and says to Jonasz:
- Jonasz, you need to stop talking to your brother. Just say "Good night Mateusz" and that's it!
Jonasz goes to his and Mateusz's bedroom and says:
- Good night Mateusz and that's it.

May 13, 2005
All three kids are sitting on the couch and watching a TV show. All of a sudden, Olyvia decides to crack her toes. After a moment of silence, Mateusz announces:
- Welcome to cracking time with Olyvia Rae.
Nobody says anything, but everybody laughs.

April 10, 2005
Mateusz: Daddy, what is conscience?
Dad: Hmmm...
Mateusz: What is it? What is it?
Dad: It's something that tells your brain that you did something wrong, and makes you feel bad about it.
Mateusz: It talks to my brain?
Dad: Yeah, something like that.
Mateusz: I am fonfused*
* confused

April 4, 2005
Dad: Tomorrow is your first day in daycare! How exciting!
Mateusz: I am scared.
Dad: I thought you were the Spiderboy! Spiderboy shouldn't be scared of anything.
Mateusz: I am not scared when I am Spiderboy, but I am scared when I am Mateusz.

March 19, 2005
Mateusz: Daddy, can you help me wash my face?
: Just a minute.
Mateusz: But I need your help now. Can you help me, please?
Dad: OK, OK, do I have a choice?
Mateusz: Yes you do. You can wash my face or you can wash my face.

March 11, 2005
Dad: Why are you laughing Mateusz?
Mateusz: Because.
: Because what?
Mateusz: Because.
Dad : Because is not an answer, you know. You can't just say 'because'.
Mateusz: Sometimes there are no answers.

March 11, 2005
Dad: You didn't finish your hot pocket.
Mateusz: I don't want any more.
: You're wasting food. Do you know how many kids in the world are hungry? They sometimes have to eat out of garbage, that's how hungry they are, and you want to throw away food? I don't think so.
Mateusz: (almost crying) I'm never going to eat again.

Kindergarten orientation for Fall 2005, February 25
Dad: How did you like the teachers, Matt? Was it fun listening to the stories?
Mateusz: .................
: Wasn't it fun to meet all the other kids and the teachers?
Mateusz: .................
Dad: What's wrong? You didn't like it?
Mateusz: I am not talking until we get home.
Mateusz w sposob naturalny wie, ze mozna wyrazic plan (negatywny badz pozytywny) na najblizsza przyszlosc przy uzyciu czasu Present Progressive (I am not talking...). Wie tez, ze until jest slowkiem czasownym, po ktorym uzywamy czasu terazniejszego, pomimo tego, ze mamy na mysli przyszosc (...until we get home, a nie until we will get home). Nie wie jeszcze do konca co go czeka w przedszkolu, ale juz niedlugo sie dowie ;)
February 22
Mateusz - Daddy, let's have a race.
Daddy - What kind of race?
- Eating race.
Daddy - You know, eating and racing don't mix well. If you eat too fast, you can choke.
Mateusz - We could race slowly.
Jezeli chcemy powiedziec, ze dwoch lub wiecej rzeczy nie nalezy ze soba mieszac, powiemy wlasnie "they don't mix well".

to choke
- dusic sie, dlawic sie

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